Sian Ka´an - “Where the Sky is Born”.


How to get there:


San Juan is located inside the Biosphere Reserve of the Sian Ka´an, approximately 19 miles (32 kilometers) from the city of Tulum.


  • When leaving Cancun airport to the right and get to the Cancun - Playa del Carmen highway

  • You will pass through Puerto Morelos and arrive to Playa del Carmen in about 50 minutes, next follow the Playa del Carmen - Tulum sign until in approximately 40 minutes to the archeological zone of Tulum.

  • You must follow the highway and enter the city of Tulum, and turn left on the first traffic light.

  • A little after you follow this road, you will pass the hotel zone of Tulum, and when you arrive to the “Arco Maya” (Mayan Arch) you will reach a security booth, this is the access of Sian Ka´an, form there, you will follow a sand road for 19 miles (32 kilometers) until arriving to San Juan.


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